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About Us


Global Arts International was created on the premise that art is the glue that holds communities, societies, countries and civilizations together, breaking all economic, political, intellectual, and religious barriers to introduce neighbors and nations to one another. Art turns the foreign into the familiar and strangers into friends. It allows people to reflect and understand themselves. It allows artists to share their vision and voice, and it keeps audiences entertained, opening their mind to reinterpret what’s old and to consider what’s new. I created Global Arts International in 2011 to share my passion for a variety of art forms, ranging from popular music to the underground or underexposed. Global Arts International promotes Armenian musicians, filmmakers, playwrights, performing artists, painters and sculptors, sharing their work with new audiences. Global Arts International also provides communities throughout the US and the diaspora the opportunity to experience and enjoy popular and emerging artists in unique, small or large venues.

Global Arts Int.